Share Photos

Use kapturem to take and share a variety of content. From funny moments, night life memories, cherished moments, to rare content, you can capture it all.

Perform Challenges

Do you think you can obtain a picture of absolutely anything? Visit the challenges part of the app to see how you can be challenged. Be the winner of the challenge to take home the pot of points.

Search Friends

Want to find a specfic friend's content? No problem, by using search friends this can be easiy accomplished.

Personalized Profiles

Customize what you can show to the public, just the way you want it.

Social Connection

Want to share your pictures with your friends who are avid social network users? No problem. Built-in functionaility to share your photos via your personal social networks.

Manage Content

Scared of the possibility of your personal hard drive crashing? Never worry about losing another picture again! It will all be safe and sound on our 'cloud' servers.  On top of that you may view historical content, edit content, rotate pictures, and more.


This will allow you to see how popular you are amongst other kapturem users! Keep capturing great content and you are bound to have the most followers.


So you think you are capturing plenty of content? See how you stack up to the competition by viewing the weekly leaderboard.

Friends Finder

Search through your address book and Gmail contacts for friends who are using kapturem. Follow your friends, review their content, compete in challenges, and more.


From the get-go you are given the Associate rank. Publish more content and you will be promoted.


Once you understand the hang of things and have established a steady stream of content, you are at the Soldier level. You are still learning, but know how to maneuver around.


You are racking up the uploads and points and are the boss of the neighborhood. But boss does not mean you are all the way at the top..yet.


Complete some challenges, rack up even more points, and guess what? Who does the Boss report to? Yup that's right, the Capo.


The ultimate bragging rights belong to you, if you have this rank under your belt. Put the top hat on. You would be considered one of the rare individuals boasting this great honor and a legend to the kapturem community.

But wait, there's more

  • Unlock add challenges feature to compete against friends.
  • Search content for specific titles.
  • Browse content from the users you are following through the following screen.
  • See all content broken down by a specific user.


  • Android OS 2.1 +